The Evmos blockchain emerges as a next-generation platform, strategically marrying the interoperability of Ethereum (ETH) with the speed and scalability of the Cosmos (ATOM) Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol. Operating on the Cosmos SDK, Evmos is a high-throughput Proof-of-Stake blockchain fully compatible and interoperable with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), emphasizing both speed and scalability.

Evmos prioritizes interoperability, enabling developers to construct decentralized applications (dApps) capable of interacting across EVM-based and Cosmos-based blockchains. This unique feature positions Evmos as a preferred choice for developers aiming to create scalable and interoperable dApps seamlessly integrating with diverse blockchain networks.

34.74% APR*
Price: $0.05
Market Cap: $0.03B
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*Stated Annual Percentage Reward (APR) is estimated based on reported network data. APR stated is not guaranteed and may fluctuate overtime.

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What is Evmos (EVMOS), and what is it used for?

EVMOS is the underlying token that “fuels” the EVMOS’s ecosystem for transactions. EVMOS is a means to provide governance, secure the blockchain, and provide a reward mechanism for network participants.

Is staking Evmos secure?

When EVMOS is staked, it’s actually being delegated to a validator. . Similar to staking tokens on any other protocol, staking EVMOS comes with certain risks. If any downtime is experienced, or if a validator misses another part of the necessary requirements, then a percentage of the staked EVMOS can be lost as a penalty (known as “slashing”).

What are Evmos staking rewards?

Staking rewards in the form of native blockchain tokens (EVMOS) are distributed to validators for locking up their cryptocurrencies to a blockchain network to support validator node’s participation in the consensus mechanism and securing the network for a period of time. Refer to the data above for the latest EVMOS staking reward figures.

What are the current use cases for Evmos?

Evmos brings together the best of Ethereum applications and the scalability of the Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol.

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